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Saturday, October 01, 2005

I'm in very PISSY mood right now!!!

I fucking hate Ticketmaster!!!! They are the epitomy of what is fucking EVIL!!!

My most favorite band, Depeche Mode, is going to be in town on November 26. We tried getting the tickets through iTune's presale. At the stroke of 10am, I logged on and tried purchasing pre-sale tickets to no avail. I heard that they were gone really fast.

So, today is the regular sale to the public that started at noon. Instead of going through the website or standing in line at the venue, which was the Hard Rock, I went to another ticket outlet in town, thinking that there'd be a better chance at getting it without having to wait in line like everyone else. I was at the ticket desk placing an order right at the stroke of noon. Ticketmaster only allocated a limited number of tickets for the outlets, and too bad...the one I was in wasn't one of them. WHAT THE FUCK???? Then I was told by fucking Ticketbastards that I would have to get the tickets at the venue.

On a side note, when I told the girl behind the Ticketbastard counter the spelling of the group, she read it as Depeachy Mode.

So, we drove like a bat out of hell over to the Hard Rock, I was on the phone with the Hard Rock box office (which they in turn told me that I had to purchase the tickets in person, WTF), we actually got there 10 minutes after 12 and there was a fucking line outside. They were only letting in groups of 10 people at a time. So, I get in line and there are fucking dirtbag, derelect looking scumbag motherfuckers in the line also, talking about the tickets they have already gotten and how much they can resell it for. These inbred looking fuckers had chairs and umbrellas & coolers, so you know that they've certainly done this before. Needless to say, the tickets are all sold out before we even got nearly remotely close to the door. I spoke with the security guy there and he mentioned that those people there were in line more than once already. Now, thanks to these fucking asshats, true fans are the real ones that get screwed.

Right now, I'm really pissed at the world. I'm in a fucking shitty mood. And all fucking scalpers need to die a slow and painful death (especially fucking dirtbag, derelect looking scumbag motherfuckers).

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