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Saturday, October 22, 2005

Catching up...

It seems everytime I'm about to leave town, all of my clients secretly get together and plan on requesting work to be done. Clients that I haven't heard from for a while. We got back from San Diego and Willowsprings last Sunday night, and I've been swamped all week.

This past week, it was mostly print designs. Next week, I would like to try and wrap up on the print design jobs and take care of the web design projects that are waiting in the wing. I also have a craft fair to get ready for. Yep...I'll be doing it this year. I missed out on it last year because we just had so much going on from the move and we were going to New York for 10 days. I'm actually pretty excited about the craft fair. Every so often, it's nice to focus my creative energies on something else, other than on the computer screen. Graphic design (as much as I love it) sometimes wears on me, since I'm the only person here, I don't have co-workers that I can collaborate my ideas with. But to me, I love the trade-off. Granted, I don't get paid on a steady rate, as compared to when I worked full-time, but I absolutely love the freedom.

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