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Monday, September 05, 2005


We got two more bettas last Thursday. We went to the Bruce St. fishstore with the intention of picking up some Bio Spira. For the past few days, we've spend a lot of time breaking down the six 5-gallon tanks and cleaning everything out. The blue green algae problem is getting out of control. I've been battling it for the past several weeks. No matter how much water changes and gravel vacs I do, it keeps coming back in a matter of days. Sometimes it's worse than others and it varies from tank to tank. My tap water doesn't have any phosphates and since I hand feed my bettas, I don't think it's leftover food either.

We've organized and relocated all the tanks. I now have 9 bettas. There is one in a temporary 2 gallon fish bowl, which I'm currently trying to decide what I want to do with him. I didn't anticipate getting him, but when we were in the store, he kept jumping up, trying to get my attention, so naturally, I got him.

We spend a good number of hours for the last 3 days redoing the tanks. I was cleaning the gravel and such, and Walt was rigging the airline tubing for each tank. I am glad that it's all done, and I will try to keep a close eye to try to keep the blue green algae from coming back.

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