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Sunday, August 28, 2005

SIP, little Auron

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We lost our beautiful betta boy, Auron, in the very early hours of the morning yesterday. A few days ago, I noticed that his belly started to have some bloating. He was fine, otherwise, until 3 days ago. He stopped swimming and would only stay in one spot.

I moved him into a hospital tank, a 2 gallon glass bowl that was half way filled with a silk plant in there. That way, if he wanted to swim up and breath, he didn't have to swim so far. And if he so inclined, he also rested on the leaves of the silk plant.

2 days ago, he stopped eating. He did eventually take a pellet, but 20 seconds later, he spat it back out. I was feeling so horrible for him. I knew he was trying to fight to stay alive, but the mystery illness that took over his little body was too much for him. It took him really fast.

I am saddened that he's not with us anymore, but at the same time, glad he's not suffering anymore either. We miss him terrible.

He was a very special fish and we will never forget him. SIP, little buddy...

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Talking about eating sushi and then buying pet fish... hhrrmm.. theres something amiss here.

Posted by: Cindy | Sep 19, 2005 7:15:51 AM