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Friday, August 19, 2005

More sushi...

My sushi addiction has grown to epic proportions. Either that, or I'm just PMS'ing. I've been craving sushi ever since I had it on Wednesday.

Today was my last day over at my onsite assignment. Since Walt had the day off, he drove me into work this morning. He also met me for lunch. I, of course, suggested that we needed to go to the sushi restaurant across the way. Boy, were we gluttons. We had the Jimbo Roll (tempura shrimp roll), Lorry Roll (crab, scallops, cream cheese, and yum yum sauce), Dragon Roll (California roll with the eel on top), and a Firecraker Roll (chopped tuna, hot sauce, and yum yum sauce). The seaweed salad was excellent, of course.

Walt really liked the food. I wasn't too sure how he felt about raw fish, so I took the first step of ordering him the tempura shrimp roll. They have an all you can eat special for $30 per person. One of these days, we'll have to try that out.

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