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Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Self heating coffee?


While at Smith's the other day, I noticed in the coffee aisle a new drink. It's Wolfgang Puck Gourmet Lattes in the Self-Heating can. I figure since we were taking another trip to San Diego, it would be different not having to brew our coffee at home and then pouring it into the insulated travel mugs. We tried one can in the "Rich Espresso Latte" on the way down. The can did heat up nicely, though I didn't press down on the heating button as hard as I should. The can took about 6 minutes to heat up to a piping hot temperature. Upon tasting it, it was okay. I only took a couple of sips just to taste. I did find it a little too sweet and there was more of a milky taste than coffee. It's a great idea for camping, on the go, long roadtrips, etc. Would I buy it to replace regular coffee? No, I wouldn't.

For me, this product would be more for convenience purposes. It's nice to have if your hotel room doesn't have a coffeemaker in it. I wouldn't run out just to buy this item. I would only get it if it's on sale and if we know that we'll be going on another road trip. Now...if there was one made with soy milk, I'd be allover it.

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