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Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Blogging from the car...

We're on the way to Viva Mercardo's for some good food and horchata. Too bad we didn't bring the camera to capture our dinnerplates. Oh well...maybe next time...

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Walt wants us to test out the new PC5220 card at one of our local favorite Mexican restaurants. We don't want to disappoint the man, do we? *wink*

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My first post from...

...this baby here!
After waffling for months on whether we need this for not, it has been determined that we needed one. Now, we can have broadband access wherever we go! We chose the Audiovox PC 5220 since we can use it on both my Powerbook and Walt's PeeCee laptop.

It just got here yesterday. I can sure get used to this! The speed is pretty good from home, which I'm pretty surprised. Usually from the house, we'd be lucky if we can get 2 consistent bars from upstairs on our cellphones. Don't even expect anything from downstairs. Once we leave the house, our cell reception goes back up to full bars.

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Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Self heating coffee?


While at Smith's the other day, I noticed in the coffee aisle a new drink. It's Wolfgang Puck Gourmet Lattes in the Self-Heating can. I figure since we were taking another trip to San Diego, it would be different not having to brew our coffee at home and then pouring it into the insulated travel mugs. We tried one can in the "Rich Espresso Latte" on the way down. The can did heat up nicely, though I didn't press down on the heating button as hard as I should. The can took about 6 minutes to heat up to a piping hot temperature. Upon tasting it, it was okay. I only took a couple of sips just to taste. I did find it a little too sweet and there was more of a milky taste than coffee. It's a great idea for camping, on the go, long roadtrips, etc. Would I buy it to replace regular coffee? No, I wouldn't.

For me, this product would be more for convenience purposes. It's nice to have if your hotel room doesn't have a coffeemaker in it. I wouldn't run out just to buy this item. I would only get it if it's on sale and if we know that we'll be going on another road trip. Now...if there was one made with soy milk, I'd be allover it.

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Saturday, June 18, 2005

It's official...I'm leaving him...

Back at the end of April, I had an affair. After a steady commit for the last 4 years, I cheated on my hair stylist in San Diego. I decided to try a place that was closer to me and slightly cheaper.

While I loved what Carl used to do with my hair, it was time for a change. Actually, the hardest part was letting go. Ever since we moved to Vegas over a year ago, I've been making trips to see him whenever we have to be in San Diego. I found that it was starting to get challenging on trying to coordinate my appointments, not knowing when would be the next time we'll be back in town. Sometimes, I would end up scheduling appointments a mont before weddings, parties, etc. And sometimes I would end up being a month late on my appointments because it turned that that we didn't have to be in San Diego when I thought we would be.

The new girl that I went to see back in April was basically a walk in. One thing I did like about her was she was fast. I went in for highlights, color, and cut and was out in 90 minutes. She also wasn't afraid to take some length off. I've been wanting Carl to do that, but he's always been very shy on lopping off too much. Shelley took 6 inches off the length and I love it. Granted, 6 inches may sound a lot, but my hair was down to my waist. I wasn't sure how I liked her work, but figured I'll give it another try. I think it takes some time for one to get used to a new stylist.

Anyway, 8 weeks have passed and I went to see her again today. I had her do the same thing, but I wanted her to add more layers. After she was done, I love it!

So, it's official...I'm leaving Carl, my steady hair stylist for the past 4 years for someone new.

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Thursday, June 09, 2005

Bunny basket

One of the baskets I sent out today...


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My latest indulgence...

I'm a tea girl. I love teas. I'm such a sucker that everytime we walk into a tea shop, I somehow always walk out with somekind of loose tea that looks really cool.

Lately, I've been making bath teas to include into my product line. Of course, much testing must be done when I'm considering adding something new. So far, I've tested out a rose milk tea and a floral fantasy tea. Now I want to come with a nice lavender mint blend.

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Sunday, June 05, 2005

An update...

Hmmm...let's see what has happened lately.

I haven't been doing any graphic or web design work of the late. It seems the nature of the business is when it rains, it pours. Not that I would let that bother me...what slows down on certain areas balances out by other areas picking up. Yes, my bath and body orders have been coming in. I'm already planning on what I want to do for the holiday craft fair. I've been playing with bath tea mixes and it has been heavenly.

I have 3 fish tanks, waiting to be cycled before I can move the other bettas in. They've been cycling for a week now and so far, my ammonia levels are at 0 everyday. At least the first phase is done. I'm just waiting for my nitrites, which are currently off the charts, to fall to zero. It looks like I won't be able to move them in until next week.

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