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Friday, July 30, 2004

I'm so glad it's Friday...

We've been back since Tuesday morning and I'm still hurtin' from the trip. I'm totally looking forward to the weekend so that I can recover some more.

One thing's for sure, I really want to try to move into our bedroom this weekend.

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Thursday, July 29, 2004

Mom and Dad

Our San Francisco trip has come and gone. It's been 2 days since we've been back and I'm as depressed as ever. Don't get me wrong...I totally loved the trip and I totally love San Francisco.

It's my parents. After not seeing them since August 2000, when my Uncle Tom died, a whole rush of emotions totally hit me. When we picked them up from the airport last Thursday, I immediately noticed that they have aged. Not a whole lot, but enough. They seem smaller than I remembered and also a few wrinkles have appeared on their faces.

Perhaps not living at home for over 8 years has changed my way of thinking. I guess I've grown to become a relatively independent person in certain aspects. For the past few days that we've spent together, I would catch myself getting impatient when they would start a light argument (which would dissipate as soon as it begins) or if I felt that I was starting to get smothered. As their stay in San Francisco drew closer to an end, I found that I didn't mind being coddled, since in my parent's eyes, I will always be their little girl, no matter how old I am.

When it was time for them to go through the security line, I was dreading saying my good byes. I already felt the lump in my throat starting up, but have been trying to keep it down. As soon as I hugged dad, I started crying (he always has that effect on me). When I went to say my farewell to mom, she touched my face and kissed my cheek and told me not to cry, just like she used to do when I was a little girl. Walt and I waited while they went through their security check point and until we couldn't see them anymore.

As I'm sitting here typing this, the emotions are coming back again. I've been crying on and off ever since we dropped them off at SFO on Monday morning. When we got home early yesterday morning, as I was unpacking the fruits, bagels, snacks & water that my mom pushed off to me before we left for the airport, it bought on another wave of tears. I really, really miss my parents and the rest of my family that's over in NYC.

I know that I don't want to wait another 4 years before I see them again. Walt, being the most wonderful and supportive husband that he is, was saying that we should try to make it out to NY about 2 or 3 times a year.

To you folks out there, cherish every moment you share with your loved ones. It's amazing how fast time can go by. Always let them know how much you love them because you'll never know when it will be the last time you see them.

Here they are, as we were done with showing them Fisherman's Wharf and Pier 39. We were walking back to the car, heading to Chinatown for dinner. Aren't they beautiful?


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Wednesday, July 28, 2004


This always happens everytime I take an extended amount of time off. I'm having such a hard time getting back into the work that's been piling up since before I left for vacation. It takes me a few moments to remember where I had left off in certain projects.

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Tuesday, July 27, 2004

We're back...

Our flight took off this morning at 6:30 from SFO. Returning the car and getting to the terminal were pretty painless. I guess that's one of the advantages of flying at such an early time.

Nancy and my FIL picked us up at the airport. I'm so glad that Walt & I took the rest of the day off, as we are just absolutely exhausted!

I can't believe our trip is already over. Usually, people take a vacation to relax. With us running all over San Francisco, while it was fun, it wasn't all that relaxing.

We have the rest of the day to catch up on much needed rest.

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Monday, July 26, 2004

San Francisco - Day 5


After we dropped my parents off at the airport this morning, Walt & I decided to take a drive over to Half Moon Bay. The drive over on the 92 was beautiful. We stopped a couple of times to take pictures and enjoy the beautiful coastline.

After that, we decided to take it easy in Union Square.


peg_sf_applestoreWe had to stop by the Apple Store. I was totally amazed at the size of the store, as this was the first Apple Store that I've ever been to that's 2 stories high. We sat through a couple of presentations and totally geeked out with all the different laptops. I even took it upon myself to blog from one of the machines. Their presentation theatre was upstairs with ample seating. Though I couldn't help but nod off when the presenter was doing his presentation.

After we got our fill of the Apple Store, we went out and bought a couple of hot dogs from the vendor. We were pretty sick of spending so much money for food, that we decided to cheap out with the hot dogs. Afterwards, I was in the mood for dessert at Ghirardelli. When we got there, we come to find out that there were no tables that we can sit down at when we had our sundae, so we decided to nix the idea. Instead, we bought some chocolates and went to Starbucks for some coffee.


Our next stop was Crate & Barrel. We don't have Crate & Barrel in Las Vegas, so I needed to get my fix. Boy, did I ever! The store in San Francisco is 3 STORIES TALL! I was literally having a fit with all the nice things they had in there. This is soooo not fair!!!!

We then went to the Virgin Music Store and hung out there for a bit. We didn't buy any music, since they totally overpriced their CD's. We figure that it would be a lot cheaper to download the music we wanted from the iTunes Music Store.

Just when I thought I was all shopped out, on the way to the parking garage, we passed by a Sketchers store. When we were waiting to board the plane at the beginning of our trip, I spied a really cute pair of slip on sneakers that a girl was wearing. I wanted to see if Skechers had a cute pair in the store. Whelp...you guessed it. I ended up getting a pair of the slip on sneakers and also a pair of 4 inch heels.

sf_fogAs we were driving back to our hotel on the 101, we noticed the fog rolling in over the hill. It's pretty kewl how it just spills over from the mountain tops and onto the homes. We got back to our hotel room at a pretty decent hour and packed. Since we have a 6:30am flight in the morning, that meant that we'll have to leave the hotel at 3:30am so that we can return the car and make it to our terminal in ample time.

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Greetings from San Francisco Apple Store!

This is one of the stops we had to do in San Francisco.

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Sunday, July 25, 2004

San Francisco - Day 4


Since my parents had to attend the rehearsal on Friday, we decided to do Wine Country and tour San Francisco with them today. After we met for breakfast, we stopped by the Golden Gate Bridge. Unfortunately, the fog was really heavy, so there wasn't really much bridge to be seen. From that point we started to venture north to Wine Country. We didn't really know whether we should do Sonoma Valley or Napa Valley. When we rolled up the the Visitor's Center right by Viansa, Walt asked one of the girls behind the desk where would be a nice scenic area for my dad to do some drawings. She recommended Old Sonoma Road from there, which would take us to the Napa Valley side and as we go further north, Trinity Road is another good one to go to. I checked out the map and noticed that the Robert Mondavi winery was just a north of Trinity Road. I immediately knew that was the winery we had to go to.

When we got there, we signed up for the 1 hour tour and tasting. The tour took us through the grounds and the underground plant where they store the barrels that age the wine. Towards the end of the tour, we sampled a Chardonnay, a Pinot Noir, and their Cabernet. After the tour, dad went off on his own to do some drawings. Walt, mom and I looked around the shop that they had on the premises.

After we were done at the winery, we stopped and grabbed a late lunch. From there, we drove down Trinity Road, which was basically a tight and twisty mountain road. As scenic as what the girl described, there were a lot of trees that covered the view.

We headed back to San Francisco and stopped at Fisherman's Wharf. We walked to Pier 39 and checked out the shops. My mom wanted to stop by the fruit stand where we had purchased the giant apricots the other day. We also wanted to show my dad The Wyland Gallery.


After some more walking around, we headed to Chinatown for dinner. After visiting a few shops, we finally decided on a restaurant. We thought since we were in San Francisco, the seafood should be really good at a good price. Boy, were we wrong...

Mom inquired about the lobster and the waiter told her that it was $36 per lobster. Mom was appalled that the price was so high. The waiter mentioned that they go by market price over there. My mom pointed out that in NYC, you can get 2 lobsters for $20, and the lobsters would come from Boston. The waiter admitted that their prices are expensive and they also get their lobsters from Boston as well. Can you believe that? Instead, we decided to do a pri fixe dinner. All in all, the food was really good.

By the time we got dropped my parents back to their hotel, it was pretty late. We, of course, we totally tired. Just think, my parents still have to pack for tomorrow. We had a really fun day and I hope that my parents enjoyed the sights in the little time that we had.

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Saturday, July 24, 2004

San Francisco - Day 3


Shelby's wedding was today. We got up early, got ready, and drove to my parent's hotel. We boarded the bus that took us to Villa Montalvo, which was where the wedding was held.

The wedding was beautiful. The weather was perfect, although, my hair became one huge frizzball due to the humidity. I got to see my cousins, aunt and uncle, and Kirby after 4 years. It was a nice family reunion.

The reception was held at The Fairmont San Jose. We had appetizers when we got there. After about an hour, we went into the ballroom for the reception. We had the filet mignon, which was excellent. Kirby was the DJ. It was the first time I've ever seen him in action.

The reception ended at around 5 and by the time we went back to my parent's hotel, they were thinking about going out to get something to eat. This was around 8, and mind you, I was still in my fancy duds and I was getting really tired.

There was a Chinese restaurant that just opened up near the hotel, so my folks were in the mood for that. After a 20 minute wait, after they sat us down, no one came around to give us menus. We've been trying to flag someone down to at least give us something to look at. When they finally got around to it, all I got was this:


Okay, fine...I'm Chinese and all, but I don't know how to read Chinese. How the fuck was I suppose to order anything? By now, I was really tired and extremely cranky. They finally got us some menus in English. We ordered some soups as part of our meal and guess what! When they bought out our soups, they failed to give us spoons! What the fuck?

And you guessed it! It took us another 10 fucking minutes just to get friggin' spoons so that we can have our soup! The wait staff was totally scattered, but all in all, the food was pretty good. It was authentic Taiwanese food.

I couldn't wait to drop my parents back to the hotel because I was just so DONE with everything. We were up since 7am this morning and still in our wedding duds and shoes.

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Friday, July 23, 2004

San Francisco - Day 2

Whelp...turns out we had a major change in plans today. My parents found out that they have to be at the wedding rehearsal with my brother this afternoon, so that means they won't be able to do anything with us today. We were originally going to call Nancy to see if she and Janet would want to meet for dinner.

Since my folks were going to the rehearsal, that basically frees up our day, so we gave her a call early. We ended up meeting at Pier 39.


We went on the Bay Cruise, which took us to sights like the Golden Gate Bridge, Fort Mason, Marina District, Alcatraz Island, etc. It lasted about an hour and it was one of those narrated tours in various languages. It was too bad that the English one had the worst reception.


Shortly after the tour was over, we took the one to Alcatraz Island. That one was a self guided tour and they provided the headsets for that. I was amazed at all the lush vegetation and how beautiful the island is. It was interesting to learn about the history behind Alcatraz.

After we've been there for 2 hours, we were ready to leave. It was getting really cold! When we took the boat back to Pier 39, we decided to have dinner at The Crab House. Walt had the Crab Angel Hair Lasagna and I had the Hot Crab Melt. OMG, it was sooo good.

We walked around a bit more after dinner and visited some of the shops. We stopped by Ghirardelli and got some chocolates from there. We later dropped Nancy and Janet off at the BART station before we went back to our hotel.

We had a great time playing tourist today.

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Some more pics


Here I am, trying to decide what to order at the Crab House.


Nancy and Janet.


Here's Janet, about ready for her crab & steak dinner.



Me & Walt, right after we got off the Alcatraz tour.

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