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Sunday, February 29, 2004

Oscar Night

I spent most of the day playing FFX when I decided to turn off the game and start dinner. I wanted to cook early so that we can watch the Oscars. We normally never really watch the Oscars, but decided that we wanted to this time because "Return of the King" was nominated for 11 categories.

It was a good thing I double checked the schedule. All this time, we were thinking that the awards show was going to start at 8pm Pacific time like all the other awards shows, but turned out that it started at 5:30 for us instead! They trick's us....

It turned out we had already missed 1/2 hour of the show, but was glad we still caught most of it. We were happy to see that "Return of King" mopped everyone else with all the awards.

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Saturday, February 28, 2004

A good dinner night...

Last night, Walt and I met Erika and Derek for dinner. Since Erika was in the mood for Chinese food, we met at Emerald Restaurant, one of the few Hong Kong style restaurants here in San Diego. We had Beef Chow Fun, Shrimp with Black Bean Lobster Sauce, Deep Fried Tofu with Shrimp & Chili Sauce, Sweet & Sour Cod, Chicken Curry, and Chinese Broccoli. The food was excellent as well as the company. I haven't seen Erika since I left the the bowels of hell.

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Friday, February 27, 2004

Bleh... (Part 2)

I'm still tired from yesterday. I'll be spending most of the day working on a new brochure layout. I also need to do a logo design this weekend.

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Thursday, February 26, 2004


We were up late really late last night. I thought we got rid of a lot of crap from our last 2 moves. Turns out we have even more crap we had to get rid of. All those hours of packing, cleaning, and tossing...the estimator showed up totally on schedule and stayed no more than 10 minutes.

Since we were soooo wiped out from the lack of sleep, we went to Coco's for dinner. I got my Sundried Tomato Chicken dish and Walt lifted his beef ban with a sloppy double cheeseburger.

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Wednesday, February 25, 2004

What a difference a day makes...

Today, it has totally hit me...holy shit! We're moving in less than a month!

Last night, I spent some time packing a few boxes of books. I boxed the DVDs today and started disassembling some shelves. I decided not to cook and ordered in pizza in anticipation that we're gonna be up really friggin' late tonight. We figure, the more we have boxed up, the more accurate the quote would be.

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Tuesday, February 24, 2004

Not much progress...

The thought of us moving in less than a month hasn't really hit me that hard yet. Perhaps we're still in February. I'm sure once March rolls around, that's when it's really going to hit me.

I spent most of the day today just perusing various forums and did a lot of reading up on dog care. Since I really don't want any of the food in our freezer to go to waste, I've been planning on just cooking everything and not buying anymore. This means I'll have to get creative with the ingredients I have on hand.

Tonight, I made broiled Teriyaki Salmon with Peanut Sesame Noodles with Veggies. It was really yummy!

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Monday, February 23, 2004

Another class...

We headed up to Temecula and took the Adobe CS class over at Millenium Technologies. David Creamer was teaching the class again today. I had just recently installed CS in my system and wanted to see the new features.

We started on some packing tonight. It's slowly coming together. I'm thinking for the next 2 days, just alternating 2 hours at a time between work, cleaning, and packing. At least I got my 4 bags of paper samples from the print trade show packed away. I think I probably have about 4 more boxes of books left to pack.

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Sunday, February 22, 2004

I love the rain

It was raining really good today. Frankly, we don't get enough rain around here. When we get it, everyone in town just screams bloody murder, but I totally love it.

Walt and I decided to have breakfast at Coco's this morning. It's been a while since we've been there for breakfast. After that, we headed on over to Fashion Valley Mall to the Apple Store to check ot the iPod Mini. We just had to see it. I have to say, it's even cuter in person. We ended up leaving the store with the family edition of iLife '04.

We headed over to Costco since we needed some Swiffers and plastic bags. Check this out...as we were standing by the Ziploc bags section, a woman walked by us and asked if we wanted a coupon for the bags. We thought that was really nice of her. She saved us $2.

satc.jpgI was hoping I can pick up the Season 5 DVD's for Sex and the City, but alas, they were sold out. We don't have HBO, so we've been watching the DVD's when they are released. As of now, we're 2 seasons behind.

Erin had a little get together for us all to watch the final SATC episode. I was sad to see the series end, but the final episode was an awesome one. We finally find out what Mr. Big's real name is.

We ended up not doing any packing today. The estimator from the moving company is coming over Thursday morning to give us a quote on how much to load and ship out stuff over to the new house. I would so love to do it that way. It sure beats renting a truck, loading, and DRIVING over to the next state, and then unload everything ourselves and return the truck on top of that.

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Saturday, February 21, 2004

A good day for vegging...

After a 3 day weekend last week of basically packing, driving, cleaning, and moving, we decided to veg out today. We were originally gonna do some packing today, but screw it. We basically ordered in pizza and watched t.v. We finished up the rest of the Sex and the City, Season 4 episodes on DVD.

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Friday, February 20, 2004

Am I getting old or what?

I'm still friggin' tired from yesterday. Eversince I quit my korporate job and started working at home, I don't really go out that much during the weekdays. I've basically become a weekday hermit...the Mole Woman.

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