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Monday, September 29, 2003

More work ahead...

I've been reading and working all day on my brochure project. I just got contacted for another freelance assignment this morning. I was also given final approval on one of the designs I was working on last week. It's nice to be doing some work again. Funny, how I actually spend more time working at home than when I was working in the corporate world. Yeah...the work got done and everything, but it seems I'm totally pouring myself more into the job when I'm at home.

I am so glad my Pantone swatch books came in just in time. They were a lifesaver.

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Saturday, September 27, 2003

Psychic gathering

Me and Walt went over for Judee's get together today. It was a nice turnout. It as also great seein Judee and Margaret. I'm thinking I may want to get an astrology chart done by her sometime in the near future.

The food was really good, we had a lot of finger foods. Man, I'm still a little hungry for some reason.

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Friday, September 26, 2003

A new beginning...new outlook...

It's been a loooong time since I last posted. Back in August, I left the world of Korporate Amerika after almost six years working for a Southern California commercial real estate firm as a graphic designer. It's been a decision I was struggling with for a while. But after management and my ex-boss decided to restructure and cut 2 of the other designers on the team, leaving me to be the lucky recipient (due to my seniority) to take up their workload, it just made my decision that much easier.

The total bullshit part of the whole deal was my ex-boss didn't want to discuss the situation the day it happened, but chose to meet with me and the remaining copy manager the FOLLOWING day. I've decided the night before that since they got this restructuring plan all figured out, they can figure out what to do when I'm not there anymore. I basically handed in my notice the following day and gave them till the end of the week. On my last day there, I left the COO of the company and HR a 4 page grievance letter. Till this day, I still haven't gotten a response from either of them.

After all the years of oppression, double-standards, dishonesty, back-stabbing, micromanaging, seeing good hardworking people in my department get crapped on (but my ex-boss was the recipient of no less than 2 promotions since I've started there)...it was finally nice to see her sweat knowing that within one week, she had lost all of her designers in the marketing department. For once, I was truly able to smile at work. I've bought up issues of my ex-boss with HR in the past, but it just doesn't help when the HR Director is good friends with my ex-boss.

Ever since I left, I haven't had ONE migraine headache at all. It just goes to show how horrible the lighting conditions were in that place. Management refused to acknowledge there was a true lighting issue. They instead, elected to look at the day to day affairs through rosed colored glasses. Instead of doing something to improve the morale the company so desperately seeks, they came up with a Code of Ethics we all HAD to follow.

I've basically laid low for the month of August. I've been putting more time working on more web design projects. So far this month, I've done 2 freelance jobs. I hope to pick up more in the near future. Now that I'm not in the korporate world anymore, I'm more compelled to want to do my own freelance work. If I do need to go out and look for work, I really only want something that's part time so that I can still have enough free hours to work on my bodycare line, jewelry, and freelance graphic design.

Gosh...perhaps I should try to get a low-stress, part time job at a retail outfit that I like. Either the Apple Store? Williams-Sonoma? The Container Store? Those places can be dangerous, since I may just be putting my paycheck directly into the products in their stores.

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