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Saturday, May 17, 2003

Weekend's Here!

I'm so glad the weekend's here. It's been a really hard week at work. In fact, it's been like that for the past several months. I'm just so burned out in the "corporate world." It would be so great to be my own boss.

I spent some time on FFX the other night. Okay, I'm not gaming expert, but I was able to beat Lady Yunalesca on my 2nd try. Now that I've gain control of the Airship, I finally went back on the SS Winno and acquired the Jecht Shot that I messed up the first time around.

It's a nice day, so I think we may just go out for a ride in the desert.

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Wednesday, May 14, 2003

Commuting into the bowels of hell...

crane1.jpg crane2.jpg crane3.jpg crane4.jpg

There was a crane accident early this morning at 2am on the Interstate 805/5 split. As the 275-ton crane fell, it knocked down a bunch of live power lines and laid them all over the freeway. The freeways were closed in in both directions. It turned a normally 20 minute commute to work into a 2.5 hour one. Yikes. After the 9 hour closure of the freeways, traffic finally started move. Now, they're scheduling more closures to restring the power lines. Photos courtesy of San Diego Union Tribune.

Perhaps we should jumped on the motorcycle tomorrow morning.

Aside from the typical job b.s., the rest of the day isn't too bad. At lunchtime, I went with Erin to Target and stopped by Starbuck's to try out their Mocha Malt Frappucino. When we got back, I made myself a garden salad, topped with buffalo chicken strips and some blue cheese dressing. Yummmm....

I think I'll play a little Final Fantasy X tonight.

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